World famous for desolate beach camping and great hotels, Baja California has that perfect spot for everyone. Choose between free camping hotels or even explore one of the many hostels Baja has to offer. There is something for every budget and adventure.


Stay at a hostel in Baja California and Save. Hang on the beach in Baja for next to nothing. The average price for beach front hostel accomodations is $15.00. You can't beat that!more


Solitude found here. Stay as long as you like for free on your own beach. Isn't that what Baja California is all about? Want more amenities? They're here. Choose your own level of comfort in Baja California.more


Luxury at a great price. Some of the best hotels and motels in the world are just a short drive from San Diego. Hot tubs, pools and massages are all here to spoil you.more

Fast facts:


  • Baja California's border with California is most crossed border in the world.

  • Baja California is home to some of the best hotels and hostels in the world.

  • Mexico is is in the top 10 in tourism for international visitor arrivals.


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